Anntionette is a Georgia peach, born and raised in Georgia. Anntionette earned her Bachelor’s degree in Counseling & Psychology from Morris Brown College, Masters in Clinical & Mental Health Counseling from Troy State University, Masters of School Counseling from Fort Valley State University and Specialist Degree in Counseling & Psychology from The University of West Alabama.  Her studies in counseling & psychology have provided her with the foundation to listen for understanding to allow her the ability to execute the needs of the clients she serves.  Most importantly her studies have equipped her with the knowledge to build healthy long-lasting business relationships with clients of all walks of life. Anntionette is no stranger to real estate.  She began learning about real estate at a very young age.  As a child she would spend a lot of time with her grandmother, Barnie M. Porter who taught her about investing, selling, leasing, renting, and buying real estate.  Her grandmother instilled in her the importance of being a hard worker, loyalty, and the importance of education.  Anntionette has always had a passion for helping others in which explains her major and her passion for real estate.  After graduating from graduate school Anntionette married her husband and they had two amazing kids.  She and her husband mirrored her experience as a child and young adult in real estate.  Anntionette and her husband began investing, selling, buying, and renting real estate.  In fact, her husband introduced her to the development side of real estate and her eagerness continued to soar from there.

Some fun facts about Anntionette.  She loves watching the food network channel, HGTV and she is a news buff.  Anntionette loves spending time with her family and friends.  Anntionette enjoys playing tennis, reading, riding horses, and of course traveling.

If you are looking for an agent look no further.  There is no other realtor that will compare to Anntionette.  She attributes her stellar customer service skills not only to being a good listener, executer & having a passion for real estate, but also understanding the psychology of buying and selling real estate.  Her customer service referral base in business has grown successfully yet consistently thanks to happy clients & unparalleled customer service skills.  This track record is only possible because of her work ethics and her ability to deliver both results and memorable experiences.