Six Types of Content Every Realtor Should Post

November 14, 2017

Networking, building relationships and making connections is fundamental for Realtor marketing. A successful career in real estate means maintaining your personal relationships while continually growing and gaining new clients. Creating content is one of the best ways to do this.  The platform (through social media, your blog, or website) you use to post content is up to you, but here are six types of content that can help you gain a larger audience and develop more clients.

Local Market Updates

  • Give your audience and future clients some insight on whether their home prices are increasing or decreasing. This is an easy way to attract a local audience. The more valuable content you can provide for people the more they will think of you when they are in search of a Realtor.

Neighborhood Updates

  • Post content on events and news going on in and around your neighborhood. Tell your audience why you love your neighborhood and city. Show off what your neighborhood and city has to offer!

Listings and Open Houses

  • Time for a little self-promotion! Write a post about where the house is located and why that neighborhood is great. Post pictures and link to the listing.

Homeowner & Buyer Tips

  • Tips and tricks will show your friends, family and followers that you are here to help. It’s a win-win! You get more traction to your blog or website and help your followers.

Buyer Questions

  • Every time someone has a question that you think other people can benefit from, write it down. Make an FAQ on a blog post, your website, an infographic or all of the above.

Seller Questions

  • This is the same as the buyer. Give a helpful explanation of each question and show your clients and future clients that you happy to help them and make the home buying or selling process as easy as possible.

Whether you are posting content on your personal blog, facebook, instagram or all of the above, your followers will take interest and think of YOU next time they need a Realtor.

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