Rules for Connecting on LinkedIn

April 23, 2019

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable platforms for a Realtor. Not only can you make professional connections and seek advice, but you can also connect with potential leads and share your own expertise. But how do you know who to connect with? Can you connect with too many people? Or too few? We’ll discuss a few dos and don’ts of connecting on LinkedIn.

Connect With Purpose

Your goal for connecting with someone should never, ever be to increase your connections. You should have reason and purpose for each connection you make. If someone connects with you, look to see if their position and company makes sense for you to connect with. Even if you do not know them, they could be seeking your professional skills or advice. Generally, you can be more lenient about the requests you accept than the requests you make, considering that the person requesting may have purposeful motives for connecting with you.

When you connect with someone, you should have a good reason. If too many people click “I do not know this person” when you connect with them, your LinkedIn account can be restricted. Real estate is relational! It is best if you can send a message with your connection request explaining why you are connecting and how you know of the person you are requesting.

Connect With Mutual Benefit In Mind

When connecting with people on LinkedIn, you should not be thinking “What can I get from this person?” You want to consider what you could offer them. Whether it be innovative ideas, specific talents, or other beneficial connections, you should connect with the intention of offering something to the other person. You can even mention that in your request message if room allows.

Connection Request Message

It’s great to send a message accompanying your LinkedIn connection request - but what do you say? You have a limited number of characters to include in your message, so you’re going to have to be short and to the point. Address the person you are messaging. If you have met them or have a strong mutual connection, mention that. Then, state your reason for connecting.

Here is an example:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I really enjoyed speaking with you at the Realtor Conference in Atlanta last week. I would love to hear more about how your work in the up and coming neighborhood in east Atlanta.

Thank You,

Vicky Villager

It is short and to the point and may seem insufficient, but the LinkedIn character limit does not leave a lot of room for fluff, so it is better to be direct.

If someone connects with you and sends you a message, be sure to respond within about two days if you accept the request. Thank them for connecting with you or even follow up with a request for a call if it would benefit you both.

Connecting Other People

If you know two people who would benefit from connecting, you can introduce them on LinkedIn. Introducing people who would  benefit from knowing one another is selfless, but also shows off how well you know the people you are connected with. This is a practice that proves great networking skills.

Remember - connect carefully. Never connect for the numbers. Always consider how a connection could be mutually beneficial. Send a thoughtful message. Pay attention to the needs of the people you connect with and look to help them out if you are able.

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