Instagram Apps You Need Now

June 1, 2018

Did you know that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account? There is a huge opportunity for Realtors to build an audience, have their content seen, and convert clients on the platform.

Real estate is such a visual business, you have opportunities to create content every single day. But you can’t do it alone! Check out these apps and platforms that will help you make the most of your Instagram account.


Instagram story lengths are the perfect medium for sharing videos of listings, open houses and client events. However, the 15-second time limit is prohibitive and annoying. Film a full-length video using your phone’s native camera, then upload it into Cutstory to create short, seamless videos in the correct length. You can then upload to your Instagram story.


Curious about hashtags, but haven’t quite cracked it? Leetags can help. Input one hashtag and the app generates a list of related hashtags and allows you to easily copy on to your clipboard. You can also browse categories to see suggested tags.


User generated content has a 4.5% higher engagement rate than other posts. Use the app ‘Repost’ to grab pictures of your clients’ closings, housewarming parties, or new home content.


On Instagram, you only get one shot to promote links. This could be problematic if you are using your account to promote blog content, specific seller and buyer content, and your general website. Linktree helps solve this problem by providing you a simple landing page with clear buttons to your selected pieces of content. Easily create new buttons by logging into the linktree platform. Use your “website” option in your Instagram bio to link to your Linktree account. Linktree even tells you how many followers click on each link.


Instagram now allows you to schedule posts! This is big news for the platform. The software Later is the number one marketing platform for Instagram and allows you to schedule future posts to your feed. The paid version, $9/month, gives you deeper insight and analytics that the built in features in Instagram.

If you aren't using your Instagram to network and promote new listings, you need to rethink your real estate marketing plan. Instagram is taking over the social media real estate business. Make sure your content is top notch by using some of these apps!

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