5 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook

January 16, 2017

A reported 78% of Real Estate Professionals are using Facebook, nearly double the amount of agents using the next most popular social media platform.

Are you making the most of your Facebook Business page? These 5 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook can help you take your social media strategy to the next level- and stand out from the competition.

1. Events

If hosting events is a cornerstone of your marketing plan, using Facebook events has to be part of your to-do list. Facebook events feature allows you to easily promote events and track attendees. Use the events feature every time you have an open house to easily promote the open house to a neighborhood or city a few days before the event for maximum attendance.

2.  Geo-targeted Ads

Promoting your open house isn’t the only way that you can use the ads feature which allows you to target people in one specific area. Use geo-targeted ads as an awareness play to promote your brand in areas that you would like to work, or use the ads in combination with a landing page to collect listing leads in a particular neighborhood.

3. Promoting Your Own Content

The ultimate goal is a client, not a like! If you regularly share posts on Facebook that are directing your traffic to websites other than your own, you are probably losing out on potential leads, and possible feeding your traffic into the hands of more-digital savvy competitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to create and share your own awesome content that will delight your audience and help convert them into leads. For more information on how to become a Content Marketing Master, click here.

4. Analyzing your Audience and Post

Use the Facebook Insights feature on your business page to see tons of information about who your posts are reaching, and how those audience members are engaging with your posts. This is immensely helpful in planning your social media strategy, because it can give you guidance towards what times to post and what sort of content your audience responds to.  

5- Live Video

Facebook is all about video these days and has a relatively new option to host live video, cleverly titled Facebook Live. This new tool has so many applications in the Real Estate market, from live hosting an open house to offering a home buyers seminar, the sky is the limit to how creative you can get with Live video.

Real Estate marketing has completely changed, almost overnight, and it’s leaving a lot of great minds behind. Not on our watch. Through training, hands-on integration, and above and beyond support, we’re building better Realtors.

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