Database Quick Tips: Exporting Google Contacts

When building your database (or your real estate business), it can be hard to know where to start creating your list. The best place to look for contacts is in your existing inbox. But manually extracting contact information for hundreds of people is not the best use of your time. Luckily for you gmail users, it's never been easier to mass export the contact information for people you already communicate with. Look below for step by step instructions on how to export contacts from your gmail account.


Step 1- Log in to Gmail. Click the tab at the top left of your screen that says "Mail". 

Step 2- Select "Contacts" from the drop down. 

Step 3- Click the "More Button" and select "Export..." in the drop down 

Step 4- Select "All contacts". This will allow you to download contact information for everyone you have ever emailed from your account. You can also use this screen to select which type of CSV file you want.

Step 5- Upload your contacts to your CRM of choice. (Note: it's important to spend an hour or so going through that list and deleting any email addresses that aren't valid. This will be important later if you are planning on using this data to send any mass emails. Remember, clean data is happy data!)