6 Essentials of a Listing Package

Whether you present in a demo deck, a printed packet or on a screen share on Google Hangout, there are certain items that are non-negotiables in any listing presentation.  Check out our list of 6 Essentials of a Listing Package below. 


1- Market Analysis/Stats

You should always do your homework before a listing appointment and come to the table knowing what action is happening around the home in question. You can use MLS reports, Zillow, and even personal knowledge to present information to the homeowner. 

2- Marketing Plan 

The seller is going to be very interested in what steps you will take to make sure buyers' eyes get on their home. Are you a social media savant? Tell them about how you will use Facebook to promote their listing. Do you have great success with open houses? Let the seller know. It's likely that your marketing plan includes both of those things and more. Make sure the seller knows all the work (and dollars) you plan on putting towards getting their home marketed. 

3- Brief bio/certifications

You are going to be in close contact with the seller and their personal space, make sure they know that you are a qualified professional! A brief bio and any relevant certification definitely deserve a space in your listing presentation. Not sure what your brand value is? Check out this guide to becoming a real estate brand.  

4- Testimonials 

Including some quotes and statistics from recent clients is a must. This is a major piece in establishing trust with your potential client and can gain you some yardage in terms of them seeing you as a qualified professional. These testimonials are going to be especially powerful if the clients are located in or around the neighborhood in question. 

5- Timeline

Of course, the best case scenario is that you sell their home as quickly as possible, but this is not always the case. Including a planned timeline of activity will help your client see the value in what you are doing for them week after week.

6- Personalization

People don't care how much you know until they know much you care! Prove that you truly care about helping your clients achieve their home selling goals by customizing the listing presentation as much as possible. For example, a letter from you to the client promising the best possible customer service, or a slide on how other sellers have achieved similar goals will go a long way to ensure that your potential client feels heard and cared for.