Tech Tool of the Week: Slack

Team leaders and managers rejoice! There is a way to keep your entire on the same page through easy and instant communication, even when your team is on the go. Enter Slack, the darling of the technology world. Slack is a messaging app where you can talk, share files and work together all in one place. 

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While slack does have a paid version, the tool is available for free and there are plenty of features to keep team communication running without ever spending a dime. These features are sure to delight your team. 

  • Channels and Private Messages:  With Slack, you have options when it comes to communication. You can send private messages to any other user or use one of the available channels to post messages to anyone in that channel. This transparency means quicker response times for your most urgent needs, and more visibility into what other team members are doing. Try channels for showing assistance or open houses, and another for marketing tips and tricks. 
  • Files: Never hear "Can you send me..." ever again! Use Slack's file uploader to stash important documents that the entire team needs. You can even "pin" the file to the top of a channel so everyone always knows where to find them.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:  You can set up your "slackbot" to answer frequently asked questions. Use this link to set up  a way for your team to get quick answers to questions like "What is our license number?" "What are our Pantone colors?" and anything else under the sun. 
  • Search: Use slack's search feature to search for old messages using keywords or teammates names. 

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