Video for Real Estate: What You Need to Know

Video is the fastest growing content medium out there. There are several ways to use video to engage with your client base, and 96% of consumers report that video is a helpful factor in making purchase decisions. But, with any new trend, it can be tricky to get the hang of it. We've pulled together a quick sheet of the best practices for each of the major video streaming services. 

Facebook Live: Anyone who has been mesmerized by one of those miniature recipe videos will believe this: Mark Zuckerberg reports that by the year 2020 he expects that the majority of all content on Facebook will be video. Facebook Live was launched in April 2016 and has become a favorite tool to stand out in a crowded Newsfeed. The video is, well, live, so when creating content, it's helpful to keep that in mind.

When to use it: Live open houses (with the seller's permission), property tours, live educational webinars

Snapchat Stories:  If you want to reach millennials, Snapchat is the platform for you. Originally, Snapchat was used as a way to send selfies to your friends that expire after 10 seconds. Snap (the parent corporation of Snapchat) now is tech empire of their own, and every brand from CNN to Pokemon Go is using Snapchat Stories to expand their brand reach with millennials. Snapchat Stories are a series of 10 second long videos or pictures that expire after 24 hours. When creating content, think just that. Post short videos to your story that help establish you as a brand and will nab you millennial clients. 

When to use it: Posting pictures and videos that are in line with your brand, and help develop your niche. At a festival in the neighborhood you work? Shoot some footage. At a new neighborhood restaurant? Food selfies are always okay. You could even Snap a client testimony, but remember, the videos disappear after 24 hours. 

YouTube:  The weird and wonderful world of YouTube... there's really no limit with what you can do with your YouTube channel. YouTube videos will last forever, so your angle here will be establishing yourself as an expert on your niche. Be aware that the YouTube comment section is notorious as the worst of the world wide web and either consider keeping comments turned off or steel yourself for the weirdos of the world.

When to use it: Listing videos, brand expansion, neighborhood tours, product reviews, educational content, vendor interviews are really just a few ideas. 

Instagram Stories:  Instagram Stories is the new kid on the block in terms of video social media. Instagram has long been twitter's artsy little sister, and is now making waves in the video world by their response to Snapchat.  Same concept, slightly different audience. Instagram has a wider audience than Snapchat with just over 500 million active monthly users. Again, treat Instagram Stories as a platform for authentic brand engagement with potential clients. 

When to use it:  The same ways as Snapchat stories. The plus here is that you can also post videos to your feed, which have a longer lifespan than Stories. Try posting a few client testimonies here.