Getting the Listing: 10 Steps to Listing Success

Looking to base more of your business on listings? Not sure what to do once you receive a new listing leads? Want to learn more about how to leverage existing clients into more business? Download our Getting the Listing: 10 Steps to Listing Success eBook here, and check out the first step below! 

Step 1: Marketing. In order to get listings, you have to know how to find people willing to sell. 

Online Sources: There are plenty of websites where you can buy listing leads. These sites will usually charge an upfront fee or have you pay a referral fee when you close. 

Check out these sites for listing leads:

Offline Sources: Don't forget the people around you. Marketing yourself offline is equally as important. Try these unique ideas for finding listing leads IRL (in real life). 

Estate Attorneys: This is an untapped market! Estate Attorneys typically have Realtor partners they refer business to when a home sale is needed. 

Divorce Attorneys: Although tragic, divorces can often result in multiple transactions. If you can handle the hurt, this is an incredible niche market. 

Sphere of Influence: You can post to Facebook all day, but how are you really connecting with people you already know? Try writing a handwritten note to someone who might be looking to sell soon, like a friend whose children just graduated. This keeps you top of mind and gives your potential client a taste of the quality of service you provide.